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Raw Cotton Companies

|Raw Cotton Buyer Companies
  • cotton, packed cotton, cotton wool, wool, raw cotton
    Abe Ltd is an experienced company exporting to all countries of the world, mainly Europe, with a variety of cotton, raw cotton and packed cotton. Our company operating since
    Telephone: +90(324)331 15 08, +90(324)331 15 09 Address: CENGİZ TOPEL CD.TAYLAN AP.K:3/3, MERSİN, TURKEY
  • yarn, yarns, open end yarns, open end yarn, ring yarn, ring yarns, raw knitted fabrics, raw knitted fabric, painted knitted fabrics, painted knitted fabric, cotton yarn, cotton yarns, cotton fabric, cotton fabrics, cotton polyester yarn, cotton polyester yarns, viscose yarns, viscose yarn, viscose fabric, viscose fabrics, combed cotton, combed cottons, cotton carded, contton cardeds, three yarn fabric, three yarn fabrics, textile, textiles, melange yarns, melange yarn, viscose melange yarns
    Balsuyu corporate group with its experience of more than 40 years, with its reliable and stable structure, is active in, lead by textile, energy,agriculture, metal, fuel and
    Telephone: 905322628235 Address: Gaziantep Yolu Üzeri, 4. Km, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Bulvarı, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
  • almonds, beverage ingredients, cocoa, confectionery ingredients, cotton, dairy products, dehydrated vegetables, dried nuts, dried nuts, hazelnuts, industrial raw materials, pazkaged food, peanuts, rice, rubber, sesame, spices, sugar, wood
    We are a leading agri-business operating from seed to shelf in 70 countries, supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 23,000 customers worldwide. We grow, source,
    Telephone: +90 324 326 42 34 / +90 324 326 42 35 Address: 50. Yıl Mah., 2743 Sk., 19-A, Pektaş Statü, A Blok, K: 5, D: 15, Yenişehir, Mersin, Turkey
  • yarns, fabrics, goat haired fabrics, goat haired yarns, woolen fabrics, cotton yarns, polyester yarns, acrylic yarns, wool yarns, woolen yarns, cotton polyester yarns, cotton acrylic yarns, cotton polyester acrylic yarns, wool acrylic polyester yarns, haired tent fabrics, tent fabrics, kolons, tents, raw tent fabrics, chenille fabric tents, canvas cotton tents, cotton tents, canvas tents, yarn, fabric, goat haired fabric, goat haired yarn, woolen fabric, cotton yarn, polyester yarn, acrylic yarn
    ORYUN COMPANY founded at late 1970s in Gaziantep, Turkey. By the leading of our much valued senior Mahli ÖREKŞELE, The Company started to Textile Industry with production of
    Telephone: +90 276 227 99 80 Address: Org. San. Bölgesi, 101. Cadde, No:21, Uşak, Turkey
  • acrylic raw materials, cotton raw materials, fiber, fibre, polyester raw materials, raw material for felt, raw material for yarn, raw materials for felt, raw materials for yarn, textile fiber, textile fibers, textile products
    Haydar Salıcı, company founder and Chairman of the Board, established Som Textile in 1967 in Besni, a district of the province Adıyaman and moved the company to Uşak in 1979. In
    Telephone: +90 276 266 72 38 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 101. Cadde, No:33, Uşak, Turkey
  • towel, bathrobe, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, cotton dyeing, polyester dyeing, viscone dyeing, modal dyeing, bamboo dyeing, knitting, weaving, bathrobe, towel, velvet, cloth, pique, outerwear, home textile, fason dyeing, carbon brush, mercerize, rope dyeing parquet, open dyeing parquet, drying machine park, raw warehouse
    By this way, the oldest tale of cotton has started to be written in our region having our factories in which we produce the top quality towels and bathrobe by processing the best
    Telephone: +90 258 385 72 07 Address: Barbaros Mah. M.Emin Durul no:38 Merkezefendi DENİZLİ
  • indian raw cotton, organic cotton, raw cotton, s-6, shanker-6
    We are an export house from India, shipping all types of Indian Raw Cotton for more than a decade. We have a strong presence in the local as well as in the International market .
    Telephone: +91 9339769184 Address: Burtolla Street, Kolkata, India
  • cotton, raw leather, wood, food, polyethilen, pomegranate juice, hazelnut, metals, polypropilen, Agriculture, Machinery, Industrial Parts, Tools, Metallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber, Plastics, Electronics, Gifts & Crafts, shoes, Construction, Translation, Energy, Real Estate, Furniture, Garden Tools, Office & School Supplies, Accessories, Books, Agricultural, Beans, Coffee, Fruit, Seafood, Tea, meat, Confectionery, Honey, Egg & Egg Products, Water, Drinking, Mushrooms, Nuts, Kernels, Ornamental Plants, Baby Food, Fruit Products, Grain Prod
    AZEXPORT national marketplace was created according to the order "On creation of a unified database of goods produced in Azerbaijan Republic", signed on 21 September 2016 by the
    Telephone: +994502958687 Address: Azerbaijan, Baku, Neftchilar av, 24 (Dalga Plaza)
  • black, colored, cotton type, fiber, high tenacity, hollow, pet chip, polyester, polyester staple fiber, psf, raw white, recycled, semi dull, solid, synthetic fiber, virgin grade
    We continually strive to be a great company. DT Group is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. Moreover, our efforts extend beyond providing
    Telephone: +98-21-88243488 Address: P.O.Box 14455-136,
  • cotton yarn, curtain, cotton raw material
    Telephone: 05312021191 Address: küçük balıklı mahallesi kota sokak no:2/A OSMANGAZİ BURSA
  • cotton cloth bags, aprons, t-shirts, cotton raw cloth bags, flour, lentils, pulses of pulses, printed products, unprinted products, baker's dress, baker's prescription, cotton cloth, beige, cotton, we beze
    Erkim A.Ş is working for the placement of the best materials and quality control criteria at all stages of experienced and well trained personnel production. Quality control is
    Telephone: 5304840504 Address: Sanayi Mah. 60115 Nolu Cad. Fıstıkçılar sitesi C blok. No: 120 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep
  • raw cotton, cotton, gin mote
    Trader for all kind of raw cotton and cotton
    Telephone: 903242334310
  • raw cotton, cotton, ne, nm, yarn, fabric, extra long staple, filament, open, end, combed, ring, comber noils, carded, linter, delint, knitting, combed, carded, ring spun, fiber, fibre, silk, bleached linter
    We specialize on exporting 100% natural Raw Cotton, Cotton Yarn, Cotton Lint, Delint, Gin Motes, Comber Noils, Cotton Fabrics, Cosmetic cotton, Bleached Cotton Fibre, Cotton Meal,
    Telephone: +99365868319 Address: 41 Archabil Shaeli St., build 7, Office 45 744032 Ashgabat Turkmenistan
  • cotton yarn, fiber, fibre, nylon, polyester staple fiber, raw woven fabric, textured yarns, thread, viscon fiber, yarn
    Polyester Staple Fiber, Viscon Fiber, Cotton Yarn, Nylon, Textured Yarns, Raw Woven Fabric, Yarn, Yarn Manufacturer Turkey, Turkish Yarn Company, Yarn Companies, Yarn Suppliers
    Telephone: 224/2115525 PBX Address: Buttim İş Mer Plaza Kat.7 No.1614/1615 Bursa Turkey
  • fabrics, knitted fabrics, polar fabrics, cotton fabrics, velsoft fabrics, velvet fabrics, viscose fabrics, acid printing fabrics, reactive printing fabrics, pigment printing fabrics, dispers printing fabrics, abrasion printing fabrics, devore printing fabrics, yarn, yarn dyeing, raw fabric, poliester fabric, fabric dyeing
    Koveka Textile which makes production in its mill located in Çorlu, Tekirdağ works with Quality Assurance Service and has a rich color lab and printing patterns, hard and soft
    Telephone: +90 282 676 42 37 Address: Velimeşe OSB Mah., 210 Sk. No: 11/1, Ergene, Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • body, body for women, cotton fabric, cotton yarn, fantasia nightwear, leggings, lingerie, morning gown, night gown, nightwear, pajamas, raw material, seamless corsets for women, textile materials, textile products, textile yarn, underwear, women nightwear, women pajamas, women underwear, women vest, yarn
    As Mizan Textile, we are a manufacturer and exporter company in textile industry in Turkey and our one of the important working areas is woman underwear & Pajamas sector.
    Telephone: +90 344 231 52 45 Address: Menderes Mah. 33.Sk No:71 Merkez Kahramanmaraş / Turkey
  • raw cotton, polyester, viscose fibres and yarn
    Manufacturer and exporter
    Telephone: 07227800456 Address: Surat
  • spices, cumin, feeneseeds, exporter, spices exporter, cotton raw, animalfeed, poutryfeed
    we are exporter of all type of spices,grains,animalfeed and raw cotton we have large verity of spices grains and animal feeds we provide small quantites minimum 1 fcl. we provide
    Telephone: 919829546151 Address: jagdamba traders new mandi station road bharatpur
  • cologne, cottonseed oil, detergent, dried figs, knitting fabrics raw, lemon sauce, margarine, molasses, raisins, sesame oil, soap, sunflower oil, turnip, vinegar, wet wipes, yarn
    Dried Figs, Cologne, Wet Wipes, Raisins, Molasses, Sesame Oil, Vinegar, Turnip, Lemon Sauce, Yarn, Knitting Fabrics Raw, margarine, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, detergent,
    Telephone: ( 0232 ) 463 55 00 ( 12 Hat ) - 422 21 95 Address: 1492 Sokak No:14 35230 Alsancak / İzmir, Turkey
  • textile products, textile materials, fabrics, clothings, raw clothings, terry cloths, terries, towel cloths, towellings, towel fabrics, jerseys, jerseyeds, knit fabrics, textile fabrics, woven fabrics, home textile fabrics, upholstery fabrics, draperies, upholsteries, upholsters, furnishing fabrics, upholstery cloths, garment fabrics, twisting yarn fabrics, cotton carded yarn fabrics, cotton oe yarn fabrics, bamboo yarn fabrics, compact yarn fabrics, modal yarn fabrics, ranforce yarn fabrics
    Established in 1986 UCYILDIZ TEKSTIL had been active in home textile and confection sector till 1993. The company being the product of interiorized weaving tradition perception
    Telephone: +90 258 371 08 67 Address: Bozburun Mah. A. Nuri Erikoğlu Cad. 7110 Sk. Gümüşler - Denizli, Turkey
  • nonwoven bags, promotion bags, bags, textile products, packaging products, packings, packing products, cloth bags, cloth bag, organic bags, jute bags, pvc bags, plastic bags, raw clothing bag, promotional bags, cotton bag, cotton bags, promotion bag, promotion bag Turkiye, Turkiye promotion bag, promotion bag product, bag product, besboke product, besboke bag product, Turkiye besboke product
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of nonwoven bags, promotion bags, bags, textile products, packaging products, packings, packing products, cloth bags, cloth bag, organic
    Telephone: + 90 212 611 67 89 Address: Fabrika : Oklalı mah.Kelebek sok.No : 3 Çatalca / İSTANBUL Ofis : Oklalı mah.Berkant sok.No : 3 Çatalca / İSTANBUL
  • textile products, textile product, yarns, fabrics, yarn, fabric, knitted fabrics, knitted fabric, coloured fabric, open end yarn, ring yarn, fabric raw materials, cotton yarns, viscose yarns, acrylic yarns, polyester yarns, single jersey fabrics, interlock fabrics, double-knit fabrics, camisole fabrics
    Unoteks was established with the purpose of trading knitted fabric in 2013. In order to keep customer satisfaction at top level, it controls all production stages to yarn which
    Telephone: +90 344 234 42 42 Address: Oruç Reis Mah. Batı Çevre Yolu No:128 Onikişubat, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
  • cotton, dyed fabric, printed fabric, raw fabric, viscose, yarn
    YARN, VISCOSE, VISCOSE, COTTON, RAW fabric, dyed fabric, printed
    Telephone: 212 438 38 39 Address: Tekstilkent Garanti Koza Plaza B Blok :19 No :69, Turkey
  • textile products, yarn, yarns, thread, cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, viscose yarn, wool yarn, polyester yarns, regenerated fiber raw materials
    In 1989 our company began manufacturing with ring spinning. The first installation of Usak in the center while the company currently Usak Organized Industrial Zone three separate
    Telephone: +90 276 266 74 07 Address: Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, 102. Cadde, No: 121, Merkez, Usak, Turkey
  • dye, textile dye, raw cotton
    Telephone: 8714940 Address: Cumhuriyet M.Gurpınar Yolu Keleş Plaza No:11 Kat:7 Beykent
  • bags, cotton bags, cotton tote bags, fair bags, product oriented bags, promotional bags, raw cotton bags, tote bags, woven bags, woven handbags
    Starting its business life in 2002, Duru Canta manufactures cloth bags, woven bags and tote bags. Considering about plastic recycling and environmental problems, Duru Canta offers
    Telephone: +90 212 612 35 11 Address: Litros Yolu, No: 7, Kat: 2, D: 20, Cevre Han, Topkapi, Istanbul, Turkey
  • fabrics, bed cloths, base fabrics, coarce calicos, armchair linings, sofa linings, non-woven interlinings, bed trimmings, jacquard mattress ticking fabrics, mattress cords, dobby mattress fabrics, polyester linings, cotton linings, raw clothing, raw clothings, jacquard fabrics, woven fabrics, fabric, bed cloth, base fabric, coarce calico, armchair lining, sofa lining, non-woven interlining, bed trimming, jacquard mattress ticking fabric, mattress cord, dobby mattress fabric, polyester lining
    Founded in 1990 by our father Hasan ERCAN "ERCANSOY TEKSTIL" manufactures and gives services about various types of raw cloth, jacquard fabrics and bedding fabrics, bedbase
    Telephone: +90 276 517 11 19 Address: Yeni Mah., Oba Sk., No: 8, Karahallı, Uşak, Turkey
  • floss silk, combed cotton, carded cotton, fibers, raw silk, wool, textile products
    Having been established in Gaziantep, GAZI ELYAF TEKSTIL operates in textile industry. Mainly giving services in combed cotton, floss silk and carded cotton, Gazi Elyaf Tekstil
    Telephone: +90 342 337 49 59 Address: 2. Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, Dursun Bak Bul., No: 1, Sehitkamil, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • textile, yarn, cotton yarn, fabrics, cotton fabrics, raw clothing
    Telephone: 4834247 Address: Tozkoparan Mh. General A. R. Gürcan Cd. Metropol Center Kat: 9 No: 37 Merter
  • cotton fiber, textile materials, textile products, fabric raw materials
    Telephone: (90)(362) 431 94 73 Address: KALE MAH.ZİYA GÖKALP CAD. NO:3/E
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