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    Started its operations in 2002, BAMEN, is one of the most important textile companies in the world. Producing raw and colored yarn, BAMEN sets the trends in the global arena with
    Telephone: +90(352)321 25 25 Address: ORG.SAN.BÖL.18.CD.N:3, MELİKGAZİ, KAYSERİ, TURKEY
  • carded yarns, combed cotton yarn products, combed cotton yarns, combed yarns, ne 2630 combed cotton yarn, ne 3147 combed cotton yarn, organic blended yarns
    BAŞYAZICIOĞLU TEXTILE ESTABLISHMENT has started production in 2002 in Kayseri Organized Industry Area with a capacity of 4800 spindles on an area of total 46.000 m² of which
    Telephone: 0090 352 321 25 25 Address: Organıze Sanayı Bolgesı 18. Cadde No.3 38070 Kayserı / Turkey
  • fabrics, yarns, allowers, pien prints, single jersey fabric, rib fabric, interlock fabric, pique fabric, knitted fabrics with elasthane, two thread and three thread fleece fabrics, terry and velvet fabrics, ring combed yarns, ring carded yarns, openend yarns, openend melange yarns, slub yarns, dyed yarns, organic cotton yarns, cmia yarns, bci yarns, knitted fabrics, fleece fabrics, terry fabrics, velvet fabrics, fabric, yarn, allower, pien print, single jersey fabrics, rib fabrics
    Internet Tekstil is a vertically integrated company from spinning to garment. Company completed its vertical operations in house and as a result of this, decreased the lead time
    Telephone: +90 416 227 24 01 - 10 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 9. Cadde, No: 10, Adıyaman, Turkey
  • bamboo yarn, organic cotton yarn, cotton fabric, cotton yarn, fiber, fibre, solveron yarn, thread, viscose fiber, viscose yarn, yarn, yarns
    Cotton Yarn, Cotton Fabric, Viscose Fiber And Yarn, Bamboo And Organic Cotton Yarn, Solveron Yarn, Yarn Manufacturer Turkey, Turkish Yarn Company, Yarn Companies, Yarn Suppliers
    Telephone: +90 322 457 08 93 Address: Kemal Ozulku Is Merkezi Cinarli Mah. Adana / Turkey
  • bioaktive yarn, core - spun, cotton fabric, cotton yarn, knit yarns, long twist, open - end yarns, organic yarns, painted sock yarns, siro yarns, slupli yarn, tencel yarn, textile yarns
    Karacasu Textile Co. was established in 1996 in Kahramanmaras. 1999 - Core - Spun yarn production started2000 - Invista Lycra certified yarn production, the first factory in
    Telephone: +90 344 251 28 85 (pbx) Address: Havaalanı Yolu 1.Km.Kahramanmaraş/ Turkey
  • yarn, yarns, fabric, fabrics, open-end yarns, oe yarns, knitting yarns, ring yarns, tricot yarns, combed yarns, carded yarns, shantung yarns, lycra yarns, ylc yarns, ring carded yarns, ring combed cotton yarns, combed cotton yarns, ring shantung yarns, ring carded shantung yarns, carded shantung yarns, cotton yarns, organic yarns, organic carded yarns, organic shantung yarns, core yarns, cyro yarns, elitwist yarns, ring carded core yarns, carded core yarns, ring core yarns, cuttings, husks, circular fabrics, open-end fabrics, oe fabrics, darpus fabrics, single jersey fabrics, single jersey, rib fabrics, rib, open-end yarn, oe yarn, knitting yarn, ring yarn, tricot yarn, combed yarn, carded yarn, shantung yarn, lycra yarn, ylc yarn, ring carded yarn, ring combed cotton yarn, combed cotton yarn, ring shantung yarn, ring carded shantung yarn, carded shantung yarn, cotton yarn, organic yarn, organic carded yarn, organic shantung yarn, core yarn, cyro yarn, elitwist yarn, ring carded core yarn, carded core yarn, ring core yarn, circular fabric, open-end fabric, oe fabric, darpus fabric, single jersey fabric, rib fabric
    Narteks Textile Industry and Trade Co. is the demonstration of experience and knowledge. The founder is a farmer who best knows the cotton and he established the company as a
    Telephone: +90 344 237 61 00 Address: Adana Yolu Üzeri No: 117, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
  • cotton yarns, organic cotton yarns, combed yarns, carded yarns, polyester blended cotton yarns, seacell, lyocell lf, drirelease, supima yarns, circular knitted fabrics
    Products: 100% cotton, 100% organic cotton combed andcarded yarns, polyester blended cotton yarns, seacell, lyocelllf, drirelease,supima yarns, circular knitted fabrics cotton
    Telephone: 00902128661700 Address: Yassi Ören Caddesi, 34555 Hadımköy İstanbul, Turkey
  • textile products, textile materials, fabrics, cloths, yarns, denim fabrics, open end yarns, ring yarns, compact yarns, woven fabrics, woven yarns, organic fabrics, bamboo fabrics, cotton fabrics, satin fabrics, cord fabrics, yarn dyed fabrics, denim fabric, open end yarn, ring yarn, compact yarn, woven fabric, woven yarn, organic fabric, bamboo fabric, cotton fabric, satin fabric
    TUSA is a producer of cotton fabric, cotton yarn and denim fabrics in Kahramanmaraş/Turkey since 1996. Our productions continue in 85.000 meters square closed area. Our group has
    Telephone: +90 212 637 66 53 Address: Mehmet Nezis Özmen Mh., Ardıç Sk., No: 7/A, Merter, İstanbul, Turkey
  • textile products, yarns, fabrics, knitted fabrics, cotton fabrics, cotton yarns, organic cotton yarns, organic cotton fabrics, bamboo yarns, bamboo fabrics, open-end fabrics, open-end yarns, bci yarns, bci fabrics, combed yarns, knitting fabrics, vortex yarns, ring melange yarns, melange yarns, ring yarns, carded yarns, oe yarns, viscose yarns, viscose fabrics, camisole fabrics, textile products, yarn, fabric, knitted fabric, cotton fabric, cotton yarn, organic cotton yarn, organic cotton fabric
    HİSTORY : • Dealing as a cotton expert and stock agent since more than 40 years. • Our establishment commenced its production in 1995 • Began Open-End yarn manufacturing in
    Telephone: +90 232 853 17 93 Address: Çapak Mahallesi, 2559 Sok., No: 12, Torbalı, İzmir, Turkey
  • yarn, yarns, cotton yarn, cotton yarns, organic cotton yarn, organic cotton yarns
    We are the largest-sized yarn producer in China. Owning 7,000,000 spindles, our production capacity is 900,000 tons per year. We can offer quality yarn with competitive prices
    Telephone: 0086-543-4160365 Address: No.1 Weifang Road Zouping Economic Development Zone,Shandong Province
  • colorful yarn, cotton, digital, dyed, dyed yarn, fabric, fabrics, fibers, linen, micro, organic cotton, pique, polyester, polyester fabrics, polyester yarn, printed, velvet, velvet fabrics, viscose, viscose yarn, yarns, yarn
    “Our company is supplier and exporter of fabrics, fabrics suppliers, yarn, yarn suppliers, cotton, polyester, pique, organic cotton, viscose, viscose yarn, velvet, velvet fabrics,
    Telephone: +90 506 393 68 63 Address: SEMIKLER MAHALLESI 6518 SOKAK NO:44/7 KARSIYAKA / IZMIR TURKEY
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    Telephone: 90 352 321 12 50 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 22. Cadde No:2 Melikgazi, Kayseri / TURKEY
  • 75/25 viscose/linen yarns, 100 % normal cotton yarns, organic cotton yarns, 70/30 polyester/linen yarns, 100 % bamboo fiber yarns, bamboo blend fabrics, mineral fibers, mineral yarns, mineral fabrics, melange yarns, fancy yarns, knitted fabrics, yarns for knitting, viskonse yarns, linen yarns
    Products: 75/25 viscose/linen yarns, 100 % normal cotton or organic cotton yarns, 70/30 polyester/linen yarns, 100 % bamboo fiber and blends (yarns and fabrics), mineral
    Telephone: 00902826751300(30 lines) Address: Misinli Köyü Kavşağı 59860 Çorlutekirdağ, Turkey
  • combed knitting yarns, conventional cotton yarns, knitted fabrics, organic and conventional cotton, organic ready made garments, organic woven fabrics, organic yarns, weaving yarns
    Products: Organic and conventional cotton combed knittingand weaving yarns, organic and conventional cotton, organicwoven and knitted fabrics, organic
    Telephone: 00902324637094Pbx Address: İşçiler Cad. No: 176/2 Alsancak, 35230 İzmir, Turkey
  • carded yarns, combed yarns, crepe yarns, naturally coloured organic cotton yarns, organic cotton yarns, organic yarns, yarns for knitting, yarns for weaving
    Products: Combed and carded yarns for weaving and knitting(Ne 20/130/1), organic yarns from 100 % or mixed organiccotton, naturally coloured organic cotton yarns, crepe
    Telephone: 00902324461063(2lines) Address: 1362 Sk. No.55 Kat.7 D.2728Çankaya İzmir, Turkey
  • fiber, cotton fiber, organic cotton, bleached cotton, yarn, open end yarns, filament yarns, fabric, knitted fabrics, medical products
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