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  • yarn, yarns, cotton yarns, mixed yarns, bamboo mixed yarns, modal mixed yarns, viscose mixed yarns, viscose yarns, modal yarns, bamboo yarns, tencel yarns, tencel mixed yarns, cashmere yarns, combed yarns, cashmere viscose yarns, crepe yarns, twisted yarns, organic yarns, bci yarns, compact yarns, slub yarns, core spun yarns, duo core yarns, linen yarns, polyester yarns, cupro yarns, cotton yarn, mixed yarn, bamboo mixed yarn, modal mixed yarn, viscose mixed yarn, viscose yarn, modal yarn, bambo
    Started its operations in 2002, BAMEN, is one of the most important textile companies in the world. Producing raw and colored yarn, BAMEN sets the trends in the global arena with
    Telephone: +90(352)321 25 25 Address: ORG.SAN.BÖL.18.CD.N:3, MELİKGAZİ, KAYSERİ, TURKEY
  • carded yarns, combed cotton yarn products, combed cotton yarns, combed yarns, ne 2630 combed cotton yarn, ne 3147 combed cotton yarn, organic blended yarns
    BAŞYAZICIOĞLU TEXTILE ESTABLISHMENT has started production in 2002 in Kayseri Organized Industry Area with a capacity of 4800 spindles on an area of total 46.000 m² of which
    Telephone: 0090 352 321 25 25 Address: Organıze Sanayı Bolgesı 18. Cadde No.3 38070 Kayserı / Turkey
  • textile products, yarn, yarns, thread, polyester yarn, cotton yarns, cotton yarn, monofilament yarns, spandex covered yarns, nylon yarns, polyester yarns, sythetic yarns, elastic yarns, polyurethane yarns, carded yarns, combed yarns, cotton combed yarns, cotton carded yarns
    COLAKOGLU A.S has first entered the textile sector in 1972 by mediating import and export of various products of the industry. Watching closely the evolving trends in global
    Telephone: +90 212 438 41 42 Address: Oruçreis Mah. Giyimkent 6.sok no:2-a ESENLER
  • yarn, yarns, open end yarns, open end yarn, ring yarn, ring yarns, raw knitted fabrics, raw knitted fabric, painted knitted fabrics, painted knitted fabric, cotton yarn, cotton yarns, cotton fabric, cotton fabrics, cotton polyester yarn, cotton polyester yarns, viscose yarns, viscose yarn, viscose fabric, viscose fabrics, combed cotton, combed cottons, cotton carded, contton cardeds, three yarn fabric, three yarn fabrics, textile, textiles, melange yarns, melange yarn, viscose melange yarns
    Balsuyu corporate group with its experience of more than 40 years, with its reliable and stable structure, is active in, lead by textile, energy,agriculture, metal, fuel and
    Telephone: 905322628235 Address: Gaziantep Yolu Üzeri, 4. Km, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Bulvarı, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
  • bamboo yarns, combed cotton yarns, cotton yarn, cotton yarns, fibre cotton yarns, flame cotton yarns, flat cotton yarns, knitting cotton yarns, modal cotton yarns, multicount cotton yarns, multitwist cotton yarns, oe cotton, oe mill cott, open end cotton yarns, ring carded cotton yarns, ring combed cotton yarns, slub cotton yarns, soft twist cotton yarns, twisted cotton yarns, viscose yarns, waxed cotton yarns, weaving cotton yarns
    Erdem Tekstil San. ve Tic. A.S. was established in 1995 and started to service at cotton filature sector in 1999. With its new investments the company increased its production to
    Telephone: +90 344 251 28 81 Address: Erkenez Mevkii Hava Alanı 1.Km Pk:144 - Kahramanmaraş Turkey
  • melange, combed cotton, cottons, cotton, combed cottons, combed cotton melange, combed cotton melanges, open end yarn, open end yarns, cotton yarn, cotton yarns, ring yarn, ring yarns, yarn, yarns
    1993 in Ceyhan on yarn production has started. Beyteks Textile, at the top in production based on the principles of Quality and Customer Satisfaction By accepting the policy has
    Telephone: +90(322)613 80 91, +90(322)438 38 81 Address: KELEMETİ MH. 718.SK. NO:18, CEYHAN, ADANA, TURKEY
  • fabrics, yarns, allowers, pien prints, single jersey fabric, rib fabric, interlock fabric, pique fabric, knitted fabrics with elasthane, two thread and three thread fleece fabrics, terry and velvet fabrics, ring combed yarns, ring carded yarns, openend yarns, openend melange yarns, slub yarns, dyed yarns, organic cotton yarns, cmia yarns, bci yarns, knitted fabrics, fleece fabrics, terry fabrics, velvet fabrics, fabric, yarn, allower, pien print, single jersey fabrics, rib fabrics
    Internet Tekstil is a vertically integrated company from spinning to garment. Company completed its vertical operations in house and as a result of this, decreased the lead time
    Telephone: +90 416 227 24 01 - 10 Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 9. Cadde, No: 10, Adıyaman, Turkey
  • yarn, knitted fabric yarn, yarn, textile yarn, spandex yarn, texor spandex yarn, ring yarn, sewing yarn, viscon yarn, fantasy yarn, two thread, cotton yarn, cotton yarns, sewing yarns, viscose yarn, combed cotton yarn, oe yarn, open end yarn, viscose yarns, polyester yarn, synthetic yarn, embroidery yarn
    Our facility being one of the most modern facilities in Turkey manufactures the most quality yarn according to USTER statistics. The 80% manufacturing of yarn is made by Gren Card
    Telephone: +90 326 345 10 61 Address: Karadurmuşlu Yolu Üzeri Kırıkhan - Hatay, Turkey
  • combed yarns, cotton, fabrics, mixed cotton yarns, mixed polyester yarns, open end yarns, ring carded yarns, twisted yarns, virgin cotton yarns, waste cotton yarns, yarn, yarns for knitting, yarns for weaving
    Cotton, yarn fabrics, Cotton, yarn, fabrics, Open end yarns, ring carded yarns, combed yarns, virgin cotton yarns, waste cotton yarns, mixed polyester yarns, mixed cotton yarns,
    Telephone: 0090 212 550 0711 Address: Turkey
  • bamboo yarns, carded yarns, combed yarns, compact ring yarns, copper yarns, core spun yarns, cotton stainless yarns, cotton yarn, cotton yarns, fiber, knitted fabrics, metalic yarns, outwear, polyester yarns, slub yarns, thread, viscose yarn
    Dear Sir / Madam, We are a brand new established cotton spinning mill situated in KAHRAMANMARAS as well known textile centre of southeastern TURKEY. Mem Textile recognizes
    Telephone: 03442365700 Address: Gaziantep Yolu Üzeri Erkenez Mevkii 6.Km Kahramanmarash Turkey
  • yarn, yarns, fabric, fabrics, open-end yarns, oe yarns, knitting yarns, ring yarns, tricot yarns, combed yarns, carded yarns, shantung yarns, lycra yarns, ylc yarns, ring carded yarns, ring combed cotton yarns, combed cotton yarns, ring shantung yarns, ring carded shantung yarns, carded shantung yarns, cotton yarns, organic yarns, organic carded yarns, organic shantung yarns, core yarns, cyro yarns, elitwist yarns, ring carded core yarns, carded core yarns, ring core yarns, cuttings, husks, circular fabrics, open-end fabrics, oe fabrics, darpus fabrics, single jersey fabrics, single jersey, rib fabrics, rib, open-end yarn, oe yarn, knitting yarn, ring yarn, tricot yarn, combed yarn, carded yarn, shantung yarn, lycra yarn, ylc yarn, ring carded yarn, ring combed cotton yarn, combed cotton yarn, ring shantung yarn, ring carded shantung yarn, carded shantung yarn, cotton yarn, organic yarn, organic carded yarn, organic shantung yarn, core yarn, cyro yarn, elitwist yarn, ring carded core yarn, carded core yarn, ring core yarn, circular fabric, open-end fabric, oe fabric, darpus fabric, single jersey fabric, rib fabric
    Narteks Textile Industry and Trade Co. is the demonstration of experience and knowledge. The founder is a farmer who best knows the cotton and he established the company as a
    Telephone: +90 344 237 61 00 Address: Adana Yolu Üzeri No: 117, Kahramanmaraş, Turkey
  • fabric, knitted fabric, yarn, textile yarn, spandex yarn, texor spandex yarn, sewing yarn, ring yarn, viscon yarn, sheiflex spandex yarn, knitted-fabric, jersey fabric, rib fabric, interlock fabric, selanik fabric, terrycloth, jersey, single jersey striper, single jersey jacquard, single jersey jacquard striper, two thread, two thread striper, three yarns, single jersey fabric, cotton yarn combed, machine lubricate oil, double jersey fabric, carded, spandex yarn half transparent
    Orteks; is one of the leading knitted-fabrics producers with 400 employees in the knitting facilities in Firuzköy, and thread and knitting facilities in Kırklareli, the company
    Telephone: +90 212 428 31 23 Address: Firuzköy Mahallesi Bağlariçi Caddesi No:115 Avcılar - İstanbul, Turkey
  • carded yarns, combed yarns, cotton yarn, fiber, knitted fabrics, outwear, thread, yarn, yarns
    Reis Textile Industry and Trade S.A. where is the crossroads of Anatolian, is shining star in cotton yarn. Reis Textile is the textile factory, start of establish in 1997 and
    Telephone: +90 ( 272 ) 221 18 90-9 Hat Address: Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Çapakkırı Mevki - Afyon Turkey
  • textiles blended yarns polyester viscose, textiles cotton yarn carded, textiles cotton yarn combed
    Representative and agents of manufacturers and buyers of textile
    Telephone: + 92 42 7415038 Address: 299-GGulshen RaviLahore-54500
  • yarn, yarns, open- end yarn, open- end yarns, ring yarn, ring yarn, compact combed ring yarn, compact combed ring yarns, cotton, polyester, compact siro yarn, compact siro yarns, filature, filature system, filature systems, spinning, spinning system, spinning systems, textile, textile product, textile products, home textile, home textile product, home textile products, house textile, house textile product, house textile products, piece goods, fabric, fabric product, fabric products, woven
    Ipek Tekstil is a yarn manufacturing company that was founded in 2000 and continues its production in Malatya, TURKEY. Our company has a facility with a capacity of 33.000
    Telephone: +90 212 637 44 80 Address: Fatih Cd Karadal Sk 2A Merter, Güngören
  • cotton combed yarns, carded yarns, threads, cotton crochet balls, cotton gassed mercerised threads, cotton gassed mercerised yarns, cotton skeins, spun polyester threads, spun polyester yarns, staple fiber sht sewing threads, trilobal polyester embroidery threads, trilobal polyester embroidery yarns, viscose rayon embroidery threads, viscose rayon embroidery yarns, tubes
    Telephone: +91-99671-99994 Address: F-1 , KASTURI COMPLEX , RAHNAL VILLAGE , BHIWANDI
  • textile products, yarn, yarns, thread, cotton yarns, cotton combed yarns, knitting yarns, weaving yarns, carded yarns
    SILTEKS TEKSTIL SANAYI VE TICARET A. S. was established in Kayseri for the purpose of meeting requirements in yarn industry. Specialized for years in this industry, company aims
    Telephone: +90 352 321 10 55 Address: 1.Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 9.Cad.No:23 Kayseri, Turkey
  • cotton yarn, cotton carded open-end yarn, cotton combed yarn, cotton combed yarns, cotton yarns, cotton carded open-end yarns
    SJSFTC «Uzmarkazimpex» is one of the leading companies that affiliates to the Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    Telephone: 998909113000 Address: Mustakillik shoh street 109 SJSFTC "Uzmarkazimpex"
  • textile materials, textile products, yarns, threads, fabrics, winter fabrics, summer fabrics, men winter fabrics, lady winter fabrics, men summer fabrics, lady summer fabrics, viscose, twisted viscose, compact interlock, combed lacoste, full lycra jersey, full lycra double-knit, combed cotton jersey, combed double-knit, diagonal, cotton polyester double-knit, twoplyfleece
    S & M Tekstil San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. Starting from the day it entered the textile market in 1998, it continues its business life with a steady growth. With its customer-oriented
    Telephone: +90 212 546 41 18  Address: Telsiz Mahallesi, Gül Sokak, No: 6/A Zeytinburnu, İstanbul, Turkey
  • air jet textured yarns, carded ring spun, cotton carded yarns, cotton combed yarns, cotton yarns, draw textured yarn, full drawn yarns, knitting yarns, open end yarns, partially oriented yarns, pbt textured yarns, polyamide yarns, polyester staple fibers, polyester yarns, special fibers, textile products, thread, weaving yarns, yarn, yarns
    Tepar is a leading producer and processor of multi filament Polyester,Polyamide and Polypropylene textured ( ATY-DTY) yarns. We provide innovative, global textile solutions and
    Telephone: +90 212 771 03 38 Address: Hadımköy Mah. Celal Bayar Cad. No: 1, 34555, (Arnavutköy) Hadımköy, Istanbul, Turkey
  • textile products, yarns, fabrics, knitted fabrics, cotton fabrics, cotton yarns, organic cotton yarns, organic cotton fabrics, bamboo yarns, bamboo fabrics, open-end fabrics, open-end yarns, bci yarns, bci fabrics, combed yarns, knitting fabrics, vortex yarns, ring melange yarns, melange yarns, ring yarns, carded yarns, oe yarns, viscose yarns, viscose fabrics, camisole fabrics, textile products, yarn, fabric, knitted fabric, cotton fabric, cotton yarn, organic cotton yarn, organic cotton fabric
    HİSTORY : • Dealing as a cotton expert and stock agent since more than 40 years. • Our establishment commenced its production in 1995 • Began Open-End yarn manufacturing in
    Telephone: +90 232 853 17 93 Address: Çapak Mahallesi, 2559 Sok., No: 12, Torbalı, İzmir, Turkey
  • fabrics, yarns, swabs, rubbers, rags, bobbin threads, bobbin yarns, hosiery yarns, combed cotton yarns, bobbin hosiery yarns, hosiery bobbin yarns, bobbin hosiery threads, hosiery bobbin threads, cloth wastes, fabric wastes, fabric scraps, fabric, yarn, washcloth, tshirt yarn, tshirt fabric yarn, hand knitting yarn, hosiery crochet yarn
    Yener Textile was established with the aim of providing recycle of waste fabrics which are the requirement of fabric and fabric sub-product
    Telephone: +90 553 526 46 74 - +90 532 357 35 37 Address: Ulaş OSB Mah., D100 Cad., No: 55/5, Ergene 2. OSB, Ergene, Tekirdağ, Turkey
  • textile products, yarn, thread, polyester yarn, viscose yarn, blended yarn, cotton linen yarn, cotton yarn, linen yarn, cotton linen blended yarns, combed cotton yarn, viscose ring yarn, semi wet spun yarn, spun yarn
    DIMA FRANKO DIS. TIC. VE SAN. LTD. STI. had been active in tekstil sector since 1990 Dima Franko founded FiL -FIBRE SAN. TlC. LTD. STi. in Corlu Free Zone in1999 and FiL-FiBRE
    Telephone: +90 212 510 19 52 / +90 212 510 51 70 / +90 212 55 Address: Demirciler Sitesi 10. Yıl Aydaş İş Merkezi Kat: 3 No: 9 34760 Zeytinburnu İstanbul, Turkey
  • Ring Viscose Yarn, 100% Linen Yarn, 100% Linen Melange Yarn, Centrifuge Flush Yarns, Polyester Viscose Yarns Ring, dope dyed black thread, Ring Spun Polyester Yarns Flaml, Polyester Air Jet (Vortex) Yarns, Combed Cotton, Modal Yarn, Viscose Yarns Ring Flaml, Viscose Linen Yarns Ring, Tencel Linen Yarns Ring, Polyester Linen Yarns Ring, Modal Polyester Yarn Ring
    Telephone: 90 212 283 3860 Address: Levent Cad. Sülün Sok. No: 341. Levent, Istanbul/ turkey
  • yarn, yarns, oe yarns, open end yarns, ring spuns, ring yarns, cotton yarns, viscose yarns, cotton polyester yarns, cotton viscose yarns, viloft yarns, viscose melange yarns, melange yarns, ne4 yarns, ne36 yarns, weaving yarns, knitting yarns, compact yarns, combed cotten yarns, carded yarns, slub yarns, core-spun yarns, ne10 yarns, ne60 yarns, cotton oe yarns, viscose oe yarns, cotton polyester oe yarns, cotton viscose oe yarns, viloft oe yarns, viscose melange oe yarns, melange oe yarns, ne4 oe yarns, ne36 oe yarns, weaving oe yarns, knitting oe yarns, compact ring yarns, combed cotten ring yarns, carded ring yarns, slub ring yarns, core-spun ring yarns, ne10 ring yarns, ne60 ring yarns, compact ring spuns, combed cotten ring spuns, carded ring spuns, slub ring spuns, core-spun ring spuns, ne10 ring spuns, ne60 ring spuns, oe yarn, open end yarn, ring spun, ring yarn, cotton yarn, viscose yarn, cotton polyester yarn, cotton viscose yarn, viloft yarn, viscose melange yarn, melange yarn, ne4 yarn, ne36 yarn, weaving yarn, knitting yarn, compact yarn, combed cotten yarn, carded yarn, slub yarn, core-spun yarn, ne10 yarn, ne60 yarn, cotton oe yarn, viscose oe yarn, cotton polyester oe yarn, cotton viscose oe yarn, viloft oe yarn, viscose melange oe yarn, melange oe yarn, ne4 oe yarn, ne36 oe yarn, weaving oe yarn, knitting oe yarn, compact ring yarn, combed cotten ring yarn, carded ring yarn, slub ring yarn, core-spun ring yarn, ne10 ring yarn, ne60 ring yarn, compact ring spun, combed cotten ring spun, carded ring spun, slub ring spun, core-spun ring spun, ne10 ring spun, ne60 ring spun
    Marteks that had been established as the first private textile factory of Kahramanmaras in 1972 managed to be one of the leading companies of the Turkish textile sector within the
  • ring spun combed cotton yarn, open end cotton yarn, yarn, yarns, cotton yarn, cotton yarns
    More than three years Pamukiplik has been trading yarns with a perfect customer service. The higgest quality, with the best price, and being just in time are our priority
    Telephone: 0 ( 212 ) 554 76 07 Address: Fatih Cd. Ladin Sk. N:9 Kurtas Han Kat:5 Merter-İstanbul / Turkey
  • combed single folded cotton yarn, cotton waste, fabric, fabric products, fabrics, fabric with lycra, grey knitted fabric, oe, ring carded single-folded cotton yarn, thread waste, yarn, yarns
    grey knitted fabric, ring carded single-folded cotton yarn, fabric with lycra, cotton waste, combed single folded cotton yarn, thread waste, oe, yarn exporter, yarn supplier, yarn
    Telephone: (+90 232) 3767440  Address: Tuzla Yolu Cad. A.O.S.B. No:147 Çiğli İzmir , Turkey
  • dyed cotton yarns, carded yarns, combed yarns, dyed colurs, yarn, yarns
    cotton tarde
    Telephone: 902128752567 Address: yakuplu mah hayat plaza kt 5 no 23
  • blended yarn, combed cotton yarn, cotton linen blended yarns, cotton linen yarn, cotton yarn, linen yarn, polyester yarn, semi wet spun yarn, spun yarn, thread, viscose ring yarn, viscose yarn, yarn
    TEKSAFIL IPLIK was established in Istanbul in order to meet yarn requirements in domestic and foreign markets. Operating in compliance with international standards, Teksafil Iplik
    Telephone: +90 212 415 51 00 Address: Prof. Muammer Aksoy Cad., No: 30, Olivium Center, 1. Ofis Kati, Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, Turkey
  • cotton, yarn, ring, open, end, open end, carded, weaving, twist, waxed, knitting, usa cotton, bci, oeko-tex, modal, tencel, gots, viscone, 8/1, 12/1, 14/1, 16/1, 20/1, 24/1, 30/1, yarns, cotton yarns, open end yarns, ring yarns, ne6 yarns, ne40 yarns, ne8 yarns, ne24 yarns, combed cotton yarns, carded cotton yarns, combed yarns, carded yarns, yarn, cotton yarn, open end yarn, ring yarn, ne6 yarn, ne40 yarn, ne8 yarn, ne24 yarn, combed cotton yarn, carded cotton yarn, combed yarn, carded yarn, op
    As OCZ Textile we manufacture and supply cotton, yarn, ring, open end, carded, weaving, twist, waxed, knitting, usa cotton, bci, oeko-tex, modal, tencel, gots, viscone, 8/1, 12/1,
    Telephone: +90 258 269 16 67 Address: O.S.B. 2. Kısım M. Feridun ALPAT Cad., No: 19, Honaz, Denizli, Turkey
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